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It may be over kill, but you can use something like Marine Varnish. Super thick coating will work great and this is used on wooden counter tops (not butcher blocks) to keep the wood dry.


Several coats of polyurethane would work. Acrylic likewise. Epoxy would work. Per @DMoore's comment on some other question, redguard would do, but would stink for several weeks (as might the epoxy, depending on epoxy formulation.) Be sure to coat both top and bottom and especially edges. Top and bottom to reduce warpage that you'd be prone to if you only ...


It's a mistake for the roofers to say that the plywood will definitely have to be replaced. However, they may be familiar with homes in your area, that were built around the same time. So they may have experience, that tells them that the decking will likely have to be replaced. Sometimes in situations like this, contractors will pad the estimate with the ...


I would give your business to one of the "is good and stays dry" roofers who are not blatantly trying to fleece you. Now, the other two may be working from the assumption that if you bothered to call a roofer, you have leaks. But they strike me a lying scammers if they are selling you new plywood with no idea if the roof deck is rotten or solid. Plywood ...


Use Marine grade ply, water won't affect it, it's a neat finish and will do the job. Only problem it is more expensive though that might not be the case after you finish tarting up the alternative materials.


Yes, OSB or plywood would be a suitable substructure. It will distribute the load and create a stable mounting surface for your assembly. OSB is similarly strong to plywood and can be more uniform, depending on the grade of plywood. Its drawback is its susceptibility to swelling and flaking due to repeated moisture exposure. Individual boards are less ...

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