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I think I am accurate in saying this.... As long as you keep the drywall layer at the house/garage, and do not damage it in any way (screws ok) you will not compromise the fire rating of the original sheetrock. The drywall at that wall is a requirement for fire safety, it is typically a thicker, 5/8", and fiberglass reinforced to withstand a potential fire ...


If you are installing the new flooring perpendicular to the joists you will be ok with 1/2" subfloor but if you are running in the same direction the joists you will need to replace the subfloor with 3/4" t&g plywood


You do not want to cover over the window with a TV. First of all there is the glare point that Paulster2 points out. That alone should make you take stock of this situation and see what a bad idea this is. However there are a number of additional considerations as well. Windows have a role of safety exit possibility if you ever get caught trapped in a ...


Let's start with the plywood. The weight of the TV (and don't forget the weight of the mounting bracket) is not that large. Books on shelves routinely weigh much more than that. And most of the pressure is downward. You probably could get away with 1/2 inch board, but I would probably go to with 3/4 to reduce bowing. Your proposed frame for the plywood ...

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