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Plastic models are made out of polystyrene. The cement that is used to glue model parts together melts the parts and forms a weld. It is not an adhesive and actually works much like PVC cement. Applied properly what you wind up with is a solid weld rather than a glued joint. Use sparingly.


You can try to glue it, but not using a glue on the edges, but use some other plastic part (made from similiar material) and glue it like a reinforcement. If Your shelves are simple horizontal-positioned ones (non-curved surfaces), You could just make it like on this site here. If Your shelves are shaped, You can try to use something like platic straps and ...


Epoxy is not a bonding agent; it is a filler. Use something that is called plastic cement, or melt the pieces together. Epoxy only works well for bonding if the surfaces are rough such that the epoxy can fill the voids on each side of the bond. Epoxy's internal strength is high, but it does not attach well to anything, so it can generally be pulled right off ...

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