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Congrats on your choice of materials, FYI. AAC is great stuff, totally appropriate for your climate. Applying stucco over AAC isn't a fundamentally different process than applying it over mortared block or brick, so if most stuccoed masonry buildings in your area aren't full of cracks, you should feel more at ease. The only real difference that AAC may ...


No. A couple weeks ago when i was drywall mudding my room I thought of the idea, and i decided to try and find out immediately rather than ask the internet and wait. I don't recommend trying. First there were immediate delivery problems, hand tools suddenly starts looking alot more practical. The plaster is far too thick & heavy for the gun to shoot. ...


I've found it to be easier to just tear out the plaster and drywall it. It's a lot more work but in my run-ins with plaster in old structures it was always a pain. I would drywall it; it will save you hassle in the future.

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