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thanks for the suggestion but I think i'm going to give replastering a shot with the mix i have and some metal lath. i'm looking at getting into a bunch of plaster work as i go room by room and i might as well dig in and see how it turns out.


What I have done on my 1909 house (I am in the U.S.) in the same exact situation is clear a wider area of the lath and plaster and replace it with drywall. To do that, you will need to add some padding over the studs because the lath&plaster is thicker than 1/2" -- what I did was pad it with 3/8" plywood, then drywall over plywood to achieve ...


after replastering the damaged wall, you can use water-proof paint to protect the plaster. The items and materials used in bathroom and kitchen should be anti-moisture.

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