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I use a cheap magnet stud finder. Just like DMoore, I bought about 6-7 in my life, with tons of false positives, which is very frustrating. You can't go wrong with a magnet stud finder as it will react it detects a nail, which is on a stud. This is the one I use : http://www.stanleytools.com/catalog_images/mid_res/47-400_mid_res.jpg


This stud finder with magnet and level is what I keep on me at all times. It is the only stud finder that I have and works excellently. It is strong enough to pick up nails used for crosses most of the time too. I have no affiliation with the product - I am just a customer that has bought 6-7. The magnet is super strong and the pointer + level help. ...


If the house construction is lath and plaster (with no metal mesh), you may be able to use a stud finder with metal scan capabilities or a dedicated metal finder. The reason why these work, over basic stud finders is because metal finders work by finding the nail heads that attach the wood lath to the studs. If metal mesh was also used to help secure the ...


You can use a mason's trowel. Or you can cut and modify a low cost 6 inch putty knife to fit the angle. When using either, drag the point out from the corner and keep the point of the tool in contact with either adjacent surface.

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