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POP (plaster of paris) achieves full hardness in about 12 days at STP. but for your purposes its entirely cosmetic. you should be able to very safely paint 24 hrs after installation. give it an extra 24hrs on the ceilings to be safe. you can help things along enormously by using a dehumidifier to speed up the curing process


The lowest tech solution is to get a white oil primer and paint the scuffed spots (or use KILZ high hiding ceiling). Then repaint with ceiling paint. It won't look perfect, but it is quick. If you do plaster, you'll still need to paint the plastered section at least twice, and you really should repaint the whole ceiling, as it is impossible to match ...


Should be simple enough to fill it with joint compound yourself; I doubt you need a plasterer. Fill and strike off level with the ceiling. Wait for it to dry completely (24 hours is a good estimated time in most houses), fill again (the stuff shrinks) - after 2-3 coats, let it dry completely and sand lightly (will be dusty), then paint. To evaluate drying, ...


DPC is a water-impermeable horizontal layer, typically a type of plastic sheet, that you would find between two courses of masonry at the foot of a wall above outside ground level (e.g. one or two bricks above outside ground level). Its job is to prevent water rising by capillary action through the masonry etc from the wet ground below. Obviously if the DPC ...

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