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You just need bigger anchors ;-) The largest of these is 60" long with a 7" diameter.


" I'm in the woods, so it's largely protected from the wind, but I still want to make sure it stays put." Tie it to the trees. If you're willing to dig a little find a root, rope under the root, and tie the tarp to that. For a no-cement job try something like a 'snow anchor'. Tie your tarp down to a metal stake or a brick then bury that. The thing you tie ...


Really Jay, that is the wrong stuff. I wouldn't use it alone. It will not pack properly and will have a tendency to shift and let water rush through and undercut the surrounding soils. You really need a good sandy gravel that will pack hard. I'm absolutely sure you will regret using washed round stone without a binder. You could add Sacrete mix to it to ...


You can get concrete wedge anchors in a 5/8" diameter: To use these anchors, first drive them into the hole (they should be relatively snug to begin with). Then as you tighten the nut around the object you want to secure, the wedge at the bottom expands and holds the bold in place within the concrete. You can get a 5/8" one at home depot for around $4. ...


There are different styles of footings; for what you're dealing with, you don't need it to take the weight of the structure, you need it to resist lifting; for that, you can get away with fairly small holes, as you're actually more interested in the friction of the soil against the footing to anchor it down. In my case, I have clay within 9 to 12", so for ...


The new support structure with a beam that you are proposing sounds fine. If you are concerned, then overdo it by doubling the materials for the beam, or placing a steel L-rod 3/8" thick around the beam. Using an L-rod will reduce the number of bolts that you need to put through it into the beam, and will add structural support due to the angle. The more ...


We use these tents at shows and fairs. We always anchor them with screw in dog spikes just inside the poles, and tied straight down. I was in one during a storm with 60 mph gusts, and the tent only moved over one foot.


How about putting in a concrete J-bolt into the 5/8" hole, and then filling the rest of the hole with cement?

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