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Check out the link to Nomaco Insluation: http://www.nomacoinsulation.com/pdf/polyolefin%20faq/TA65%200512.pdf Basically, the r-value of PEX insulation does not meet energy code requirements for piping insulation. Also, according to ASHRAE Research (2015 HVAC Applications, page 50.4): "Table 1 also shows that all of the plastic pipes tested to date exhibit ...


I've used stainless cinch fittings and pex tubing for air supply.After two years and at 120PSI no leaks.You'd have a hard time convincing me that this system is not reliable if installed correctly.


Yes. There is no code preventing this. Also this makes sense because all of your leak issues are in the same place. One other bit of advice - before you close up the wall get rid of the the metal and cast iron venting/drains. It will cost you $20 and the pvc will have less problems and last longer (and won't be flagged on future home inspection). ...

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