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Myself I like the idea of having water pipes where I can see them, if the work is done well. I've had too many problems with pipes run in areas like crawlspaces or outside walls that get too cold and freeze. Then you've got a big mess to find and replace the leaking pipe. If the frozen pipe thaws while you're at work or away, one heck of a lot of water can ...


The minimum bending radius for 1" Pex (the larger of your sizes) is listed as 9 inches. A typical 3" PVC sweep ell will have somewhere between 24 and 36" of radius. The only issue, then, is whether you can pull it. That will depend on the number of bends, number of tubes, and length of the run.


1" pex will have no problem making it through 3". Put your fittings on after fishing the pipe through the pipe/walls.

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