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When I had cats, I used a doorway gate that they sell to keep small children away from steps or out of a room. The cat goes right through it but the dog can't. source


You can use cat tunnels that are elevated above where the dog is able to reach. Google has several images of cat tunnels at ceiling height, it is important to check for wires before installing elevated access ways, but cutting and patching holes in drywall is much easier then cutting and patching holes in doors. Also the dog will not try to dig their way ...


I'm going to try for an outside-the-box solution: How about a cat flap or cat passage _away from the door and above the dog's easy line of sight -- possibly from a shelf the cat can climb or jump to, with similar access on the other side of the wall? I think that would be something the cat could quickly learn to use but that simply wouldn't be an idea the ...


It may seem too simple to work, but you just need to cut your own tailor-made cat door. Basically, a cat can get through any opening it can fit its head through. This usually works against us cat owners, since the beasties have a mind of their own and like to explore. This time, it may work in our favor. So: Measure cat head (breadth), add 1/4 inch to ...


You might consider a door guard Images and links are for illustration only, not an endorsement of goods or sources.


A long thin wedge on the floor, or a longer than average "door chain" set up so you can reach in and release it, the cat can get in, but the dog can't get in. This might just be a matter of changing how the chain catch is oriented so it can be opened by reaching through the door, or it may require lengthening the chain.

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