Pet-door pertains to all aspects of doors exclusively for pets, especially dogs and cats. This even applies to pet gates which are intended to contain a pet.

A pet door is a sub-subject of

There are many unique characteristics of pet doors which do not typically apply to general doors. One attribute is restricting use to a particular individual animal or maybe an entire species merely by their presence at the door, and without requiring an entry combination, key, or intelligence of the critter.

Residences might use a pet door to allow movement between indoors and outdoor at will but at the same time preventing burglars, wildlife, etc. from getting in.

dog egressing through pet door in household front door Often pet doors are installed in a people door. cat infiltrating a room through pet door in wall But they can be installed in a wall, too. baby crawling through pet door onto a backyard deck A smart pet door could prevent this.

Interesting fact:

Modern cat flaps are popular in the United Kingdom where it is estimated about 74% of cats have access to the outdoors.

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