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For 23 years I've been doing rodent work in the DFW area. From houses to the major sports venues, I've learned some things. Some were taught to me. Other things I have learned on my own. Here are some helpful hints. Never put out poison in a structure where people frequent, work, or live. If you do, two things are likely to happen. The next animal that ...


If you saw swarming termites in your house two years ago, I hope you had you house treated. If not, they have your home as the food menu.


The second photo is termite damage as Jon has pointed out. They are eating the paper off the back side of the drywall. They also will tunnel through the drywall to get to the paper between the gypsum and paint on the other side.


Do Not use foggers or sprays, you will spread them to every room in the house. These products will provide limited control, not pest elimination. Today's pest control industry has developed terrific baits for the German Cockroach as well as other roaches. The best over the counter roach bait that I recommend to people is Combat Roach Gel. It will cost you ...


Bayer make a terrific product called Top Choice. It is a one time application for year long Fire Ant control. It is a restricted use product so you licensed pest control professional will have to apply it if it is allowed on the label for your area. Spread rate is 84 lbs. per acre and may run around $300.00 an acre. Rate is 2 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. Re-Entry ...

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