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From the similarity of the lines, I'd say you pulled something out of the old 2x4 (nails) and dragged them across the board, perhaps as you twisted and pulled to separate/remote the board from wherever it was before. I don't believe there are any insects that travel in perfect unison like that.


According to Cait McKeown (a National Mice Club (UK) member and judge), the most humane method of mouse euthanasia is chloroform. Unfortunately, the chemical is hazardous (even deadly in high dosage) to humans as well as mice, so it's difficult to obtain. Also impractical for most people, veterinarians sometimes use halothane or another anesthetic gas. ...


If two out of three is good enough, you can take the trap away from your house and pour a little vegetable oil on the mouse. The glue will dissolve and the mouse can scurry off.


Maybe I can post some pictures later but I have 3 very large oaks next to my house - one is absolutely huge and 10 feet away. There are tons of limbs directly over my roof. Do I care? Not really. I asked my insurance company and they don't care nor do they offer discounts for trimming them back. Pros: Tons of shade when you are out Definitely lower ...


@Mazura is right... you will NEVER get rid of the cockroaches in an apartment. The best you can hope for is to control them and minimize their presence. Some years ago, a friend was in your situation and she was unable to move out (the ONLY solution). So, she packed every nook and cranny she could find with powdered boric acid. That actually did an ...


Diatomaceous earth is basically caltrops for cockroaches. Diatomaceous earth kills all bugs with an exoskeleton. It has been reported to be the most effective solution when fighting pests like fleas, ants and bed bugs. You have to keep it dry, though. Even morning dew can make diatomaceous earth ineffective. -richsoil.com To the best of my ...


It's hard to give accurate advice without more information about the building. They've got to get in from the outside, but they can get into your room though an attic, crawlspace, etc. Go outside and look for openings. A common place is where the electrical service enters the house through an attic. If you go out in the middle of the day, you should be ...


This isn't an answer to the OP's question but I can't add a comment to either of the answers above (so, please don't down vote me!) Regarding cockroaches: "The large, outdoor cockroaches breed prolifically in pine straw mulch and poorly in gravel or on bare soil." Although the tree above is not a pine, I would still take care not to leave excessive ...


Does the tree spread over the house? It's impossible to say that the tree will or won't cause problems - it might, or it might not. Many problems can be mitigated if you like having a tree in your yard - no point in mitigating them if you don't. For instance, if it does spread over the house, you can trim it so it does not. It can also cause benefits, such ...


You can use nitrogen. It is a fast, safe and hygienic method. Just shower the mouse with nitrogen and throw it away.


Without seeing your home it's hard to give an accurate reply. You mentioned the soffit and facia: we had an ever so small but big enough gap for both mice and bats to get in where the soffit and wall meet. We caulked all the way around the house on two levels. It was a lot of tubes but worth it. If you have had bats in the attic and you get them out you ...


It's hard to attract bats, most purpose bat houses go empty. Feel blessed you've got bats. You like mosquito bites? But you might consider building something to restrict them to a certain area of the attic.

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