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To supplement the other answers that recommend a one-way pest exit door based on the comments that the current hole size and location will not accommodate such a door: You can always patch the current hole, create a new one for the door (preferably in an inconspicuous location if possible), and then either remove and patch up the new hole after you are sure ...


You will need to install a one way pest door at the entrance they are using. Here is an example of one I found on amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Tomahawk-Excluder-One-Way-Door/dp/B00B9JVD7K


Usually the way this is handled is by installing one-way doors so that the squirrel can exit but not re-enter. They will exit throughout the day to obtain food, the exception being very young babies. I think at this time of year it is unlikely to have young babies in there, so you are probably safe (humane?) to use the one-way door and just wait for them ...


I must agree that the question is largely unanswerable. However, your problem now is no longer "where" are they entering. Squirrels are very determined little critters. So, now that they have decided your home is theirs, your greater concern is changing their minds. There are three options: Find where you think the most likely entry point is and set up a ...

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