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I had wasps in my screen room 2 weeks ago and called Orkin. Because I said I had them in my screen room he sprayed the screen room inside and out and never looked up at the deck which is the roof of my screen room. (Orkin too pushes their contract which I canceled within the 3 day period allowed) Six days later 8 wasps were in my screen room then the next ...


I am stickler when it comes to bugs entering into my house, especially carpenter ants!! They will appear out of nowhere, and the house be spotless. I have tried almost everything you can buy at Wal-Mart, and I have cme up a cocktail of sorts. First you have to find out where they are entering in at.(where the line of ants leads to) once that location is ...


A woodpecker made a hole/nest in the wood post holding up my patio. I tried repellent spray, fake snakes, and scaring him away but nothing worked. He was just going to make another hole somewhere else. I have outdoor speakers on my patio so I decided to turn them on 24/7 playing a top 40 radio station and that seems to have annoyed him because I have not ...


Metal window screen and black spray paint. I have squirrels that eat my resin lawn furniture. I swear they are as bright as Stephen Hawking and more destructive than chain saws.

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