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It's going to take a few more re-applications of sand and more rain, until it will do it less. That's exactly what I'd expect it to look like after the first rain. 'Sand' it again. Using a push broom and a garden hose, work the sand into the cracks. I'm guessing you skipped hitting it with water the first time, or the sand is too course to set properly. As ...


Raise the patio surface above the brick, or lower the brick below the patio surface. If you install any type of drain system. You'll have to either slope the surface towards the drains, or install a continuous drain. Otherwise you'll have puddles.


It can't go over without a pump of some sort (even a siphon needs energy input to start it), so if you want a passive solution it has to go through, by installing some sort of drainage pipe through that wall. Maybe more than one. Yes, this may require disassembling and reassembling the top few courses of the wall, unless you want to try drilling through a ...


I would take a 4-1/2" angle grinder with a diamond wheel and cut out the mortar between the bricks down level with the patio surface, at like 5-10 brick intervals, creating a path for the water to flow out. Then re-caulk the joint tapering the caulk at each "drain".


I found it! It's an Acorn Latch Kit. Thanks for the replies.


Ignore the catch that's there; buy a complete set: sliding screen door latch. source

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