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Hydration is the chemical process by which concrete mixtures harden. Absent a retarding admixture, the hydration reaction occurs in any proper concrete mix. Wood, rotten or otherwise, is not typically a retarding admixture. Embedding rotten wood in a foundation is not consistent with good practice, industry standards, and building codes. Furthermore, ...


Highly recommend you dig out the rotted post, especially for a patio. Do it right the first time, going back later will be a nightmare. If you want to take the lazy way out, cut the post and bury it. Add another one directly next to it.


While it wouldn't necessarily hurt I see absolutely no need to do this. I wouldn't bother. Some websites suggest it will change the appearance of the slabs? Sealant will change the appearance, this is neither inherently good or bad. It will give it a more...wet look most likely, similar to waxing a floor or sealing wood. Some site also say you need to ...


Smells high, but hard to be sure. Older and presumably less expensive implementations seen under sidewalks use more of a concrete grid with small pieces of frosted glass - better relative strength and modesty preserved, but no stargazing from the basement. And, if the glass was broken (it's usually quite robust) there's no chance of people falling through ...

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