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I have power washed my teak and it takes off the gray, putting teak oil on after it looks great. however I did not take the next step and seal it and the gray came back. Next time I will muster the energy and patience to seal it as well


If the subsurface is well-drained, there should be no surface water. You can fix the problem by installing draining tiles under the patio. Are you a Caymanian?


If there isn't a lot of seasonal movement, it won't matter. I'd layer a small amount of sand as a pad and leveler (plus landscape fabric to control weed growth if you like) and go with whatever looks nice to you. If things do move a fair bit, smaller pavers will handle it better and be less likely to break over time.


There are multiple options depending on your budget. 1) using interlock build a retaining wall to stabilize the soil/gravel/concrete under the steps. Not cheap but give a nice appearance and will last a long time. This requires that you: -dig a trench next to steps about a foot deep -layer in 5/8" crushed gravel and compact -build up the interlock ensuring ...

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