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When something calls for x" of compacted y, you typically calculate the amount of y prior to compacting. So if something calls for a 4" compacted base, order enough to cover your area with 4". Then compact. (Actually, order to cover 4", but the only lay down half, compact that, then lay down the other half, then compact that.)


None. The concrete should slope away from home. If you have the option to go an inch down then fine so you don't mess up the stucco while pouring.


If water collects there because of a roof with out a gutter, it would be wise to add a French drain. If you did go that route, the saturation of water in that area would never make iot to the wall to the degree that you may think. The French drains that I built where graded to daylight, lined with a continuous piece of heavy gage plastic, so any water ...


You should be able to pop those pavers out easily. If you are having a tough time getting them out, then you can try starting from an edge and working your way inward. Here is another question that has a good answer: What should the ratio of crushed rock and sand for a paver patio be?


Here is an idea that might work for you... Here is a revised drawing added to the first one, with the idea you had given to you and I added where the various barriers need to be. I forgot to note in the drawing that the gray line is the filter cloth. The full wrap of the plastic membrane will keep the excess water from migrating back to the house. Just ...


If your brick is level, and moves water away from your house, I wouldn't replace any of it. It takes a lot of time and expertise to get it to set just right, and probably isn't worth the trouble. If you are really bent on making it look uniform, take a paint scraper, something simple you can get from your local hardware store like this. The pointed end is ...


Stamped concrete could work for you. It will stand up for a long time if it is properly done. You can also choose from a wide variety of colors and looks. It is a bit on the expensive side though.


~Is the fact that clay is rocky going to cause any problems? I have removed as many rocks as I can but it is impossible to remove them all. The rocks should not pose an issue as long as the soil base is compacted. Can the depth of my crushed stone base fluctuate so long as it is always at least 4" deep? After excavating and removing stones the soil ...


Two questions: 1) Where does the water come from? And, 2) Where else could you send it? First thought is that you may need to do some grading and/or install some sort of french drain system to help that water run off to somewhere else... or perhaps intercept it before it gets 'cornered' if possible. Also, those edgings around the patio appear to stand a ...


Best is probably a combination of french drain and pulling it all up and regrading the base. Also the most hassle and expense, but in terms of function, the best option. And you would then have the option of running the drain under the patio, if that helped with discharging it. The individual pieces of that that you have thought of are somewhere else ...


Most 6'8 doors are 79 1/2 tall by 59 1/2 wide or 71 1/2 wide.

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