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Fix the leak first - this appears to be water damaged, so replacing it without stopping the source of water will be pointless, as the replacement will be water-damaged again. Probably the leak is associated with the window (though it could potentially be coming from anywhere higher, all the way to the roof.) Once the leak is stopped, you cut back to sound ...


Is it possible to fix it? yes, but there is an awful lot of work to be done in order to do so. Each of those gaps has to be filled with mud and covered with tape. Given the shrinkage that occurs as mud dries, most of them are going to require several layers to fill properly. In particular, filling in around the ceiling fixture is likely to be problematic ...


Sounds like you tore off some of the paper on the face of the drywall. This is cosmetic damage and if it wasn't over a seam it doesn't need tape. Scrape the glue (go ahead and damage the wall a little), apply spackle, sand it, (repeat?), paint. Anywhere with crumpled up paper sticking-out (will not sand flat) needs to be bashed in (using the corner on the ...


Since you want to have the drywall piece be 5" high I think you will want to have backer behind it for its full height. Consider making it 5.5" high and then using a piece of 2x6 lumber (that comes 5.5 inches wide) as the backer piece. Cut a couple of pieces to straddle across the bottom of this opening at the back and middle to hold up the shelf the full ...


While that is a fairly ugly hanging job - I've finished worse. As long as he's not milking you for money, while he works, it might be worth it to stick it out. You're paying for the finished work, not how he makes it there. To answer the question - Yes, it is possible to smooth over those imperfections. The corner will get bead, the outlets will get covers, ...


As long as you disconnect the wiring to them, nothing says that they can't just stay in the ceiling. I'd try reaching through the hole with a flatbar to detach them from the framing, disconnect any wiring, and then just push them out of the way.


One solution that may be more expensive, but possibly simpler is to create a "trim adapter" specialized to the 4" LED fixtures. The fixtures should mount into the trim and the trim should mount to the existing 6" cans (e.g. via spring holes). Something like this below: The trim adapter can be printed using an online 3D printing service.

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