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Cut the foam flush, cover it with real drywall, and apply your mud over that.


If the spot is really bad, you can cut it out with a saw, and replace with doweled and glued good wood. Since you're painting, a carefully done job of this shouldn't even be visible.


There is a product that we use called "Power Grab". I recently used it on the edge of a piece of cracking sheetrock to try to hold it together (later to be painted). I pressed it into the cracks and all over the surface, wiping it smooth. It turned a ragged edge solid again, making it almost like it were plastic coated, and looked acceptable when painted. ...


What you have is a system called EIFS for short. Here is a link to get to the care and repair of this type of finish. Sto Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) Manuals: StoTherm EIFS Repair and Maintenance Guide


Dig out any rotted wood that you can get to. Soak the wood with wood hardener around the patch area to stabilize the rotted/deteriorated wood that you couldn't get to. Fill with bondo or wood filler in 1/4" layers until slightly bulging from the patch area. Chisel/file/sand down when the final layer is almost completely dry with a sanding block. Prime ...


Imperfections are hard to see on a white wall. I learned that adding some tint to primer makes the imperfections obvious BEFORE you paint the whole wall, so they can be patched before finish painting. I add a little of the same paint I am going to use to the primer.

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