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All most any compressor should be able to handle an automotive sprayer, especially if it's only a few small metal parts. I doubt it'd even kick on half the time. If it does you just have to wait until it stops running (probably not even then). The (very) important part is the regulator, set to 25psi max, above which the compressor's tank should have no ...


Look at the gun's specifications. It will tell you how many cubic feet per minute, at what pressure, it runs at. Then look at the compressor's specs. They will give several volume-ar-pressure numbers - the ones I've seen typically quote sustained volume at 90PSI for high-pressure tools and 40PSI for high-volume tools. The compressor has to have sustained ...


You can always test it by see if the water beads up or soaks in. I'm in Arkansas. My deck and front porch were built in March. They both get good sun. I'm waiting until August to do mine. Plenty of good hot sun to dry them out. The pine lumber came from Lowe's.


Yes this paint is out there go to a masonry supply they will hook you right up it will be oil base so get the proper cleaning agent for your brushes and rollers .Thank You very much hope i was of some help .Master Mason Harlan.


Pt lumber is pressure treated, meaning the use 400 psi to make sure the chemical stays in the wood, most stains and paint won't stick until the pores of the wood come open which can take years .

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