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I just painted my two youngest boys' room an intense goldenrod. It is a small room, and with only one window and slanted ceilings, it tends to be dark and closed in. I wanted to brighten the room, but I can understand that if that wasn't the desired effect the color can be overwhelming. I personally find yellow to be a difficult color to tolerate for long ...


The brand name on the can doesn't really matter, as long as the products are compatible. Read the labels, if your paint says that it cleans up with soap and water you should be able to use it over any type of primer.


As a professional painter, I always make sure to sand the walls and repair any holes or indentations with compound. I will also wash the walls if needed. This is very far and few, but doing this for as long as I have, I do run into it. The painter should have sanded any drywall compound smooth and even to the eye. It sounds like you hired an inexperienced ...

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