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Normally, latex paint is water soluble while oil paint isn't, so trying to dissolve a drop of paint in water should give you an indication. Don't put water in the paint bucket; if it turns out to be oil base you'll ruin it.


No it is not safe. The plastic bag will most likely make it worse. I have seen just an open pile of rags (not bagged) smoldering in a jobsite waste can at the end of a work day. I removed them and set the pile in the yard just to be safe, it was a pile of ashes in the morning.


Stain never "dries" the way a lacquer or poly finish does. It will cease to be "wet" after awhile, but it will still just come off on your hands and clothing etc. Not a good idea to just leave it on there. Ultimately it is only darker if more of it soaks in. Reapplication after wiping will darken it only slightly, as most of the wood pores are already ...


I am a painter and I build also and I personally will not warranty the work unless it's after 6 months. Pressure treated (PT) lumber takes months to shrink and re-contract on and off so the paint will crack and not adhere correctly. Also, the PT you buy at Lowe's or Home Depot gets moved around a lot so you may have a load of wood with boards that are weeks ...


Technically yes as long as it is the same base (assuming your existing valspar paint was latex, you would need another latex paint). The sheen or finish of your paint (flat/satin/semi/gloss) is of no concern and shouldn't provide a problem. However, doing so likely won't do what you want. Assuming your dissatisfaction in texture is more than simply the ...


The sanding sponges work great. Elbow grease, however, is not the best approach. Lightly sand and let the sandpaper do the work. It takes time and a ton of passes. If the paint just peels off, you're likely using too much pressure (or the material isn't dry yet). The friction from the sanding tools can heat up, melt the paint, and peel it off making a bigger ...

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