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I've found it often depends on the quality of the dwelling. Most apartments I've lived in have flat paint through and through, since it's generally the cheapest and covers up poor mudding jobs because it doesn't reflect light. When I upgraded to a house, most of the living areas were still flat paint, but the bathrooms were finished in eggshell. The rule of ...


I don't know your location, but in most residential jobs I've worked on the US east coast the wall finish is flat latex for walls, semi-gloss latex for doors, trims, baseboards, etc.


When you're shopping for PT lumber, look for the lighter, dryer pieces when sifting thru stock, but be sure to pick the pieces that are uniform and straight. This will help you get a jump start on the drying process. I do a lot of stain work and I would wait three to four weeks if possible to stain after purchase. Keep in a dry, weather proof area if ...

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