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I have used oil based indoor paints many times outdoors. Mainly on sheds. The only issue I have had with it is an extreme amount of discoloration. Bright blue turned to really dull pool liner blue, off white turned to dirty-light-yellow. Honestly I would leave it be for now. If you painted over other latex it might just fall off once it fully hardens ...


I would prime the desk and then coat it with Redgard. Sand after your prime. Put the Redgard down in thin coats with a foam roller and it will turn out very smooth. After 2 days it stiffens and will become very durable (and waterproof).


Most exterior rated paints incorporate UV inhibitors to protect against the suns harsh rays, while interior rated paints do not. So id expect discoloration and premature deterioration.


Maybe this hasn't been mentioned because it's too obvious, I don't know. If you're trying to get a crisp line without tape (maybe between wall and ceiling, semewhere non-critical, or maybe you have steady hands), orient the brush correctly for best results. Instead of orienting to use the width for a wide stripe, turn it 90 degrees so you are painting a ...


I just finished doing a room with Kilz2, it was OK. I'm going back to back to Zinsser Bullseye. Zinsser is a good primer and thicker, you get better coverage. I am not a professional, just a home owner.


When you say "paneling", do you mean imitation wood paneling with grooves cut in to simulate boards?. If so, it is hard to fill those grooves. I have used Bondo auto body filler but it requires a good bit of work. Properly applied and sanded, the grooves will be invisible.


I paint paneling frequently. The seams (lines) are more porous and tend to suck in paint and primer, causing the lines to bleed through. This is what I do for good coverage and professional look on paneling: 1) wash panels thoroughly, I use warm water with a small bit of Dawn dish soap (it cuts grease and oil). 2) use spackle on nail holes and cracks, use ...

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