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That product calls for a minimum 24 hour drying period after pressure washing the deck. So it doesn't sound awfully picky, it just needs to be dry; no standing water. And it must be kept dry. Build a tarping system correctly, as fungku explained, because a few drops of water will ruin a paint job but this is more like a coating; they will mess up the ...


I have made temp tarp roofs over several work sites when building a deck in winter. (Vancouver, BC here, so similar winters). You should use a new tarp, have a slope for drainage and make sure it is tight and secure. If any leaks or drips get on the wood it takes longer to dry out in the winter (when it's wet out in general). I have never painted a deck ...


It was latex paint. The layer of cementitious stucco that somebody applied over it didn't stick.

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