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Your tub has an overflow drain. You just have to find it. Remove the two screws next to the combination drain toggle & overflow plate. Now gently pull up to reveal the overflow hole and the drain plug: Get out your snake (you've got a snake, right?) and thread it down the newly revealed hole. Also remove the single screw holding the drain screen. ...


The cover for the bath plug includes the overflow drain. The bottom has an opening that is your overflow drain. If you remove the cover of the over flow to snake it, exercise care not to drop any parts down either drain. And be gentle with the snake so that you don't damage the drain plug assembly. If you use the plungers, remember that you're trying to ...


All you need is a thick wire that can be bent into a U-shape at one end. Place the cover back into the outlet hole, insert the U-shaped wire into the outlet pipe and try to grab the outlet pipe to hold it in place. Lift the outlet pipe and slowly screw the top cover to the outlet. Tighten the top cover to the outlet pipe with a pair of pliers.


I would start by removing the trap, putting a bucket underneath the tailpiece (below the sink) and just running some water and seeing what happens. Clean out the trap while you're at it and make sure there isn't a mess of hair stuck in there. If it all comes through without a problem and doesn't back up, then I would suggest buying a snake and going ...


Check your pop-up and clean it. You might need to replace the pop-up. Snake the drain and clean the sink before installing a new pop-up.


I'm at a loss to explain how water is getting into the overflow area such that it runs out the inlet. Perhaps your basin has an unusual configuration that allows leakage from the faucet to collect in the overflow area. Not only is this an unusual configuration, but faucets should not be leaking anywhere as well. Even lacking a reasonable explanation, one ...


If the leak is occuring where the overflow attaches to the tub you may be able to seal it. Remove the screws that hold the overflow cover in place. Depending on the style it may also contain the tub drain lever. With the cover removed you may be able to see the contact point between the tub and the seal. Try to fill the entire sealing surface with "Plumbers ...

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