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I'd suggest searching the web for Amica maintenance instructions for your model. If there are recalibrations available at all, that's where you'll find the instructions. Normally, a service tech would just swap out the electronics and/or sensor, since if it's drifted this far there's no guarantee that it won't do other Bad Things some time soon.


According to the NEC, any household cooking appliance rated at 12kW or less can be served by a 40A circuit. Yours is over this so bumping up to a 50A would be required. The code on this can be confusing, but trust me, it's there. I am interested in where it says a 40A circuit is acceptable.


In some places it is illegal to run hidden power cables horizontally across walls unless they are within a specific short distance from floor or ceiling. For example, in the UK I believe all power cables to/from a mid-wall switch must run vertically to or until near the floor/ceiling. So, the answer may depend where you live. Reference: IET cables in ...


I personally would not insert any insulation anywhere inside an appliance, even if you see a spot where it looks like another model is insulated. You risk starting a fire, blocking airflow or vents, trapping moisture... Also note that the broiler will get well over 2000 °F, even a normal household candle can be 2500°F. So I wouldn't necessarily consider your ...

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