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It's either the knob or (much more likely) the thermocouple. Related: Oven wont heat past a certain point.


Great questions can always be asked with only a few words. But my answers never seem short. The short answer is that the stove can not breathe. Give it more air. Problem Fixed. What is happening, the chemistry answer: Carbon Monoxide is made when too much natural gas is burning in too little oxygen. Good -> Natural Gas + Lots of Oxygen + Spark = ...


There is no air mixture adjustment. If it's making CO then the airflow is simply blocked. Check all the vents, perhaps insulation moved, or there is something there. Also possible for rodents to live in an oven, and they'll move insulation to make a nest. There are vents on the bottom, and one on top behind the burners in the back (under the control ...

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