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If you have single phase 240V power, you connect hot to screws 1, 2 and 3. Neutral to screws 4 and 5. That is what the diagram is showing. And of course, ground to the ground screw.


It looks like an NF C 61-315 standard French single phase plug: These are are rated for 400V, 32A on a single phase. The socket you have pictured looks like a French style Schuko (CEE 7/3), which is typically only rated to around 16A. My guess is that unless you already have a socket that was intended for use with an electric stove, the wires are likely ...


See table 220.55 in the NEC, as well as footnote 4 to that table: Branch-Circuit Load. It shall be permissible to calculate the branch-circuit load for one range in accordance with Table 220.55. The branch- circuit load for one wall-mounted oven or one counter-mounted cooking unit shall be the nameplate rating of the appliance. The branch-circuit ...


Absolutely not. You cannot just stick two or more appliances together and call it a combo and think it will be okay. Edit unless you follow the NEC 220.55 code calculations. If the manufacturer calls for a dedicated circuit then the above exception may not apply. As a final note, circuits should be brought up to current electrical standards if need be. ...

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