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I think you're going to have to burn off any residue. This is going to take a very hot temp for several hours. If your oven has a self clean then try using that, otherwise I'd set it to max temp for 2-3hrs and then give it several more hours to cool off before you open it and wipe away any remaining residue.


This depends on where you're located; you need to find out what your local codes are. Generally, you will need to at least install an anti-tip bracket so there's no way the range could fall forward on someone -- a kid climbing on the lowered door, an adult falling on it, whatever. The usual design anchors one of the back feet of the range to the floor, not ...


They are probably just tinned copper wires in which case it is safe to connect to a bare copper wire. However, you should check the specifications to ensure it is not aluminum wiring. If it is then you need to use appropriately rated connectors to connect the two together.

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