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I'll chime in here since I'm looking at a gashed up left pointer finger ATM. I wish I would have had the gloves for sure. Hurt like hell! You don't wanna clean that out, it takes serious debradding and alcohol....the oil and general crap on a chainsaw blade makes it horribly hard to clean. That said ten years prior I also took a chunk out off my thigh which ...


Temperature is probably not a problem for the types of items you describe (assuming none contain any liquids). That is a good thing since it would be extremely difficult or expensive to keep them from the extremes in summer and winter in the northeast. You should try to avoid extreme moisture changes. That means sealing in water impermeable containers. You ...


Rubbermaid makes storage sheds and deck bins that will easily fit on a terrace. These will protect most from the elements and keep things looking tidy. Books and clothes that you wish to store in the shed you might want to give them another layer of protection. As for things that might freeze, keep them in the house.

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