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The combination of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dish detergent did get rid of the skunk oil and smell when our dog rubbed his face and neck all over the laminate flooring after getting sprayed. Be aware, however, that the mixture (peroxide is a bleaching agent, remember) may take off enough of the laminate finish to lighten the flooring. Since I ...


I think you're going to have to burn off any residue. This is going to take a very hot temp for several hours. If your oven has a self clean then try using that, otherwise I'd set it to max temp for 2-3hrs and then give it several more hours to cool off before you open it and wipe away any remaining residue.


It is normal for all things to smell a little bit when they are brand new. (Think "new car smell"), but in your case, I think this goes past a factory fresh scent. You should consult your washing machine manual on how to run a "cleaner" cycle. Typically it is like 1/4 cup bleach or something on an empty cycle. This should get rid of any smells coming from ...

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