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Rekey You can probably rekey the locks yourself, depending on what brand and type of locks they are. The process isn't too difficult, you'll be a pro after one or two. You'll have to remove the handles and deadbolts from the doors, so you'll probably want to go one at a time. But if you like doing little projects like this, rekeying them yourself could ...


These appear to be engineered as top chord bearing floor trusses. The installation appears to be consistent with typical installation requirements for such systems.


This is fine. It's a wooden open web truss system. The weight is transferred to the column at the one top point. The lower bar and diagonal bracing are to prevent the top bar from sagging over a wide span. The lower bar extends all the way to the wall so there is something for the ceiling drywall to screw into, but isn't supposed to rest on the ...

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