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According to me you an remove the quarter round and then you can call experts for hardwood floor refinishing and then get it refinished. It wont look bad if it is done perfectly. I had the same issue at my place. I have called experts, and they did it all well. So not to worry just some more small amount of expense and you are good to go!!


The secret to buying locks Every lock-set in a retail package has code numbers like "14165". This indicates the key pattern it uses. Generally they are packaged in boxes of 4-8 units, and every lock-set will have the same key code. This is good and bad. Good news: If you want your doors keyed alike, find a package that includes every type of lock you'...


If you are concerned about security (e.g., the previous owner gave a key to a friend) you can rekey the lock rather than change it. Take the cylinder out of the door and go to a locksmith to have it rekeyed. This should be cheaper and easier than buying a new lock.


Congratulations on becoming a home owner. You will soon learn to use lots of tools if you plan to do any DIY projects around the house. Most locksets only require a #2 Phillips screwdriver. You should not need any special or expensive tools. Just read the directions and follow them. Changing locks is very simple, usually just two screws that hold the inner ...

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