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Have you checked your inlet pressure and compare with the manufacturer's specified manifold pressure? If the inlet pressure is too high, you may need to install an appliance regulator and adjust it to the manufacture's specified pressure.


I had the same experience--at least with the burner pilots--and I discovered that the problem was due to air in both pilot lines. By loosening the screw which is at the base of the dual lines, I increased the flow of gas which bled out both lines. Then, I lit the pilots, I tightened the screw to bring the flame level down to what it had been previously. ...


The quick answer is that the humidifier/vaporizer causes the orange flame. This happened to us a couple of weeks ago. The gas company said they would send over a technician. He called us first to confirm our orange flame. He asked if we recently turned on a humidifier/vaporizer. We had. We shut it off and things went back to normal in an hour or so. I ...

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