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5" WC is a reasonable pressure which is about 0.18 PSI. There should be a sticker on the dryer that will say what the max inlet pressure. Sending 2PSI without a regulator will likely damage the dryer or not have it work correctly. It'll probably blow the flame out and never dry your clothes.


Your 2# regulator is likely dropping the pressure down to about 1/4 psi which is what most appliances need. By putting the tee after the regulator and running a 80ft line isn't going to be sufficient. Longer runs generally need larger piping. Your 1/2in line wont be able to keep up. You probably should have ran the 2psi line (i.e. a tee before the regulator) ...


If possible it is better to bury it to avoid exposure to the elements and damage from miscellaneous things. Having it above ground is no problem though as long as it is firmly supported. You don't say where you are, so without knowing the climate, there is no way to know how to support it. One simple way to support it over soft ground is to drive a long ...

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