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The conversion kit usually consists of a different sized orifice to handle the LP fuel. I had to do this on my outdoor grill when I converted from LP to NG.


The electrical ground to the water pipe is required and not a hack. It is supposed to be connected as close to the supply side as practical, preferably upstream of any cutoff valves. There should also be an electrical ground connection to your gas line if any of the gas lines inside the house are conductive, like black pipe. When I set out to install the ...


There is no electric code prohibiting this, and I don't think there's any gas codes on this either. Main thing is to be 100% certain you are clear of any buried lines/pipes.


Here's at least one for you: http://firstalert.com/component/flexicontent/82-explosive-gas-co/929-plug-in-combination-explosive-gas-carbon-monoxide-alarm I don't know why combination alarms are not more common. Maybe because natural gas has an odor added so it's readily apparent, unlike CO? There also aren't any dual smoke detector (ionizing and ...

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