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Interesting, I don't think I have seen wire-welded nails for a framing nailer. Only roofing or siding nailers. All I have seen are paper tape for clipped head and plastic for full head for framing nailers. I would match the angle and try some paper tape collated clipped head of a couple different brands. If you can't get any to work, you may be out of ...


It sounds cliche, but your best bet is to visit a local lumber yard. Not only will they likely have what you need to go with the lumber, but more often than not, if it's a decent sized pro yard, they will have #1 grade cheaper than HD or Lowe's #2.


In general, the codes require fasteners to be of hot-dipped, zinc-coated galvanized steel in accordance with ASTM A153, type 304 or 316 stainless steel, silicon bronze or copper. [source] FWIW, everything you ever wanted to know about pressure treated wood here.


Stainless is the most reliable way to go, though hot-dipped galvanized is also an option. It wasn't an issue until CCA was phased out a few years back.

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