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I did this, almost exactly as you have drawn (in my mothers home when I was a teenager). You will need to support the back end if you cannot support the bottom "lip" of the AC from sliding forward. In other words, the AC will have torquing-force. The reason I used a shelf for my AC was because I couldn't support the top. But since you are putting the AC ...


If the shelf is one with a sturdy back that is affixed to the shelves and sides of the unit then you should be just fine using some screws like 2 to 2.5 inch long #8 or #10 screws. Three or four on each side that are through the back, through the wall covering (drywall) and into the studs should be more than enough hold it securely. On the other hand if ...


Since you posted the picture, I can see that the wall is actually normal, and there most-likely are studs in it. The stud finder may be having difficulty finding the studs through the panelling; it takes some skill to use a stud finder, especially with panelling, more especially if the panelling is thick (like 3/4"). But (based on the picture) you appear to ...


It sounds like you have solid 13/16" thick plywood for a wall. If that is the case, I'd drill holes matching holes in the mount all the way through, get four metal bolts, four matching nuts and eight washers, and hang the mount on the wall, securing with nuts from the opposite side of the wall and using threadlocker on bolt threads. You would have nuts ...


its called a z clip usually, but the socket side is a little different


clean them thoroughly and they may work no problem. However it's possible that the rubber hardened and cracked which means that you won't be able to get a grip with it anymore.

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