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I live across the water from Seattle. I've seen several houses around here with zinc strips. They also have moss on the roof. I think there's no stopping moss in this climate on composite shingles.


I have a similar moss problem on my roof in the Berkshires, MA. Based on some online recommendations I placed a bunch of pennies on the roof - half under several shingles. I believe pennies are roughly 97.5% zinc. This seemed to work for a while but over time the pennies fell off or blew away whenever I cleared the roof of pine needles. I will try the zinc ...


Yes, it works - although most recommendations I've seen prefer zinc to copper (both more effective and cheaper). In fact, you see it all the time on older roofs underneath galvanized roof fixtures. For example, my neighbor's house: Basically, each rain washes metalic zinc down the roof and basically prevents any growth and lasts for decades. Copper ...

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