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A couple options: Make it small enough that the waterfall will keep the water moving. Mosquitoes like standing water, but not moving water. Add some fish. Fish love to eat Mosquito larvae.


You may want to take a look at Mosquito Dunks: Kills mosquito larvae for 30 days! Mosquito Dunks have been used by professionals for more than a decade and have proven their value in destroying mosquitoes - by killing the larvae before they mature into biting adults. Made with Bt-israelensis (Bt-i), a highly specific biological pesticide, this ...


In addition to introducing predators like fish and dragonflies and moving water, many folks use Rabon blocks which are fed to livestock to prevent flies and mosquitoes from breeding in the animal waste. Rabon (tetrachlorvinphos) blocks are nontoxic to animals but cause the larva to not develop and thus interrupts the life cycle of mosquitoes and flies. You ...


I know this is late, but it may be of help for others. Get some Mosquitofish. We were able to go to a resource in our County (don't remember which one) and they gave them to us for free. Started with 6 and now we have too many to count. The good thing is that they are self-regulating as far as population goes. If you cannot find a county resource to get ...


Not sure how well it works (haven't had a chance to use them, yet) but the Off Clip-on Mosquito Repellent seems quite convenient. You can clip them on and keep mosquitoes away while you work in the yard, this way you can't mistakenly wonder out of the protected range of candles, and you don't have to spray chemicals on your skin (that wear off as you sweat ...


Cutter Backyard Bug Control works pretty well. It will clear out the mosquitoes for a couple of weeks but of course it is a chemical. Just attach it to your hose and spray your yard. The mosquitoes will be gone in the morning.


I have two citronella torches out on my deck. They provide a nice ambiance and I guess maybe they help a little, but we still get eaten up if we don't spray ourselves (or the yard). I've been thinking about some sort of mosquito netting to cover the entire deck area so we don't need the chemicals...


You'll want to create a small leach pit, which will allow the water to drain into the ground. Start by digging a hole about 12-18" deep (depending on your soil), Next fill the bottom of the hole (about half the hole) with crushed stone (loosely compacted). Fill the rest of the hole to about 1" from the top with sand, then finish with a nice decorative ...


Mosquitos are repelled by lemon-scented items, so another possibility would be to plant lemon balm, lemon verbena or lemon eucalyptus around the doorways and under windows. It's also worth looking around for areas of standing water, to make sure that there aren't prime breeding areas close to your home.


A big stone is very good. Or, a 12x12 or small concrete paver from the store will also work great. Or, you may find smaller metal (you need UV proof) trash can lids at the store. A rock can go on top of the lid or a rock can be attached or hung from the lid inside the pipe. Or, you can get some concrete or cement mix & make your own custom cap.


Where the line comes out of the AC unit, there should be a trap like you'd have under your sink, and a removable cap above the trap. Open the cap, and put a little bleach in there. That should kill whatever is growing and hopefully avoid any mosquito issues. You'll want to do this periodically to keep the line from blocking anyway. How often depends on your ...

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