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Sorry but Tyler Durden is talking pure imaginative theory with no practical substance. Install drainage, which drains to where exactly. Install gravel and sand and put walls on it? Gravel, the roll around stuff? And sand the soft stuff? Still sound like something you want under your walls? No. Sure dry stone walling stands the test of time, provided ...


It is virtually impossible to specify the proportion of water in a concrete mix due to the wide range of moisture content in the sand used, Regarding "old" cement powder - if kept completely and utterly dry it will work fine after literally years. The only downside of using old cement is that the Chromium additives change from relatively harmless to ...


I will tell you a mason's secret: mortar is not cement. Without a proper foundation below the frost line any structure will move. For a small wall the best procedure is to first bury drainage pipes to make sure the area is fully and completely drained, then lay 8-12 inches of gravel, then put sand on top of the gravel, then set the wall in the sand, the ...


The half inch stones aren't the problem. It was supposed to be 1:1 1/2:1. 1 cement 1-1/2 sand 1 gravel The concrete needs water - not too much - but should be a moderate amount for it to make the cement react rapidly.

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