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I wanted to comment but I don't have the rep so: I live in Germany where it rains a lot. Our house is built on clay. The basement used to be really damp - it would run down the walls. So here is what I did: Dry it from the outside - dig down the outside of the wall, a trench about 60 cm wide, let it dry, paint with bitumen and fill the gap with pebbles so ...


Dont breath in that stuff. Look it up guys, it's bad for your health. Once you have it in you home forget it, it's there forever. only answer is to get it grinded off. Toss all your old cloths, sponges etc you use and get microfiber cloths. rags hold the mold you can bleach the hell out of it and it will come back again, again.


the black tar paper under the shingles was your vapor barrier, putting another barrier inside traps condensation, thus naturally occuring moisture from temp changes cant escape, you cant have 2 vapor barriers.


Slightly off topic, but if you are looking for a good product to disinfect your shower and clean mould, I would seriously consider Hydrogen Peroxide. The H202 structure of Hydrogen Peroxide means that its just an unstable form of water with one extra oxygen molecule. When, oxidisation occurs, one extra oxygen is released, so, all you smell will be oxygen. ...


I use a standalone humidity reducer in the wettest room of my house. I've used one in a finished basement too, when it got too damp down there we ran it. For about $100 USD you can get a decent dehumidifier that plugs into a regular wall socket. It works by pulling water from the air. They also produce heat, which will raise the room temperature a little ...

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