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To prevent basement mold you should minimize moisture. Must hire a professional mold service to remove mold growing in the basement, especially if the mold growth is large.


Sorry to say this, but number 3 really is your only option. First the reasons why: I can tell just by looking and from your description, your subfloor is rotten and now unstable. More tiles and grout are going to crack, come up. The mould is almost certainly inside the sub-floor and maybe even the jousts. Cleaning the surface will very likely not do much ...


NO this plan has no merit, spraying the borax water solution in a hole would only get some, if any of the mold and you would be guesting anyway. If your house was on fire would you drill holes in the walls and spray water at the holes and hope? The only way to check for mold is to open up the wall and testing spots that look suspicious.(If you really think ...


If your renting, your only concern, I would think, is the smell. If there is a smell it will disappear as soon as the water dries up. When I fixed my mothers house the smell was supposedly there for years. It was caused by a slowly leaking toilet. When it was fixed, it took some weeks for the floor to completely dry, and the smell went away. You may have ...


WaterGuard was an enhancement to round plastic pipe or actual drain tile as it was shaped to fit on the footing (in cases of monolithic floors a different product would be used). It's been around for about 25 years and is effective and clog resistant as it sits out of the mud on the footer and has access ports for visible checking and cleaning. WaterGuard's ...


It turns out that moisture was the problem. The water beaded on the ceiling and dripped down. The shed needed additional ventilation.

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