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It is possible most of your flooring can be salvaged. I see a small area where it might not be able to but this depends of the install. If the tongue/groove are glued you have almost no chance of pulling the board apart for reuse but if they are just "locked" then you are better off. The key is that I would under no circumstance lay anything on that floor ...


Your problem is obvious. Moisture is migrating up from the slab. I don't imagine anyone suggested to do a moisture check on the concrete before you started? There are meters that can measure the % of moisture in concrete. With that said, it is never a good idea to put wood or laminate directly on concrete slabs or uncured concrete upper floors. In your ...


The first issue is the moisture in the concrete - where is moisture coming from? Is the foundation sealed correctly? Even if you're dealing with drainage, you need to make sure that the basement has a proper incline (and make sure that the floor is sealed) directing the moisture towards the drain. This is a good place to start: ...


One way to get you siding off the concrete floor would be to trim it up 1/2 to 3/4 inch with a sonic crafter or something like that. You could then caulk the sill. I'd wait until it dries up a bit first.

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