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In Canada, the provincial Inspection Authorities issue Bulletins that put specific allowable lengths on the distance service conductors in conduit may run inside a building. So the precise distance varies with the jurisdiction, anywhere from 1.5m (59") to 6m (20'). The reason you can't find any mention in the NEC is probably similar.


Article 230 Services VI. Service Equipment — Disconnecting Means 230.70 General Means shall be provided to disconnect all conductors in a building or other structure from the service-entrance conductors. (A) Location. The service disconnecting means shall be installed in accordance with 230.70(A)(1), (A)(2), and (A)(3). (1) ...


IMO I would use something more robust like copper, galvanized, or brass from the meter to the shut off if exposed at all. Then use PEX after the shutoff. Just know PEX is not designed to be left exposed to UV light like the sun or physical abuse of any kind. If receives much of either, I would use another material or get it covered up. On that note, we ...

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