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Nominal pipe size is for the hole on the inside of the pipe, and that is still subject to "nominal" A pipe which is 1-1/2 inches (actually 1.557) on the outside is a 1-1/4" pipe. A 1-1/2 inch pipe is 1.796 inches OD. Here's a handy and very detailed chart/diagram You have been asking for the wrong part, and have been sent the part you asked for, twice.


In my admittedly non-plumber experience, you're being sent the correct item, you simply don't have the correct adapter. You need to get a 1.5" slip to 1.5" FPT adapter - they should be commonly available at your local big-box home improvement retailer in the plumbing section. The slip side goes on the source pipe - you can ask the store personnel about how ...

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