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I guarantee the walls are not parallel but you may not notice it. Point is being off a 1/4" or so in any direction for something like that is not going to be a problem. Just measure up, and measure over from the nearest wall on each side. Probably be more accurate that way than a level if you are not used to using a level. We'd just shoot our laser on it ...


Why not buy the pipe, and make the marks based on that. That is, have a level, hold the pipe up and level it, then mark where it touches the wall. A friend would help, so might hanging or otherwise supporting the pipe from either above or below as you do this.


Nobody uses fractions in the USA for small measurements, either. Typical machinist measurements are in thousandths or ten thousandths of an inch. ) Engineers and surveyors often use feet and tenth of a foot. Even carpenters don't always use standard fractional inches. A framing square has rules divided in 16ths, 8ths, 10ths, and 12ths. Use the most ...


It's Easy. Let's consider the height of the tree is x. Measure the shadow length of x. Take a Stick and measure it's height. Measure it's shadow too. Let's say stick is "y" tall and it's shadow is "b" long. Do the proportion. y:b::x:a. We need to find x. Do Y*A. Divide thaat answer with b. That answer is x and therefore it is the height of the tree.

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