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The circled part is known as the bottom rail; the vertical part is a stile; the assembled rails and stiles are the face frame. The stile could be joined to the rail with a simple butt joint, or pocket screws, or a mortise-and-tenon joint, etc.


First of all, if anything is rotted, there's a water problem. Make sure that's fixed first. As for the piece that's circled, if that is rotted, then I'm wondering if the water problem is bigger than we think. How's the floor in that area? As for replacing that one piece, there's no easy way to do that as it's likely screwed/nailed and glued. You can ...


If your cabinets are already painted (not stained), then I would absolutely recommend to just sand it and repaint it. Use an outdoor rated paint to resist water damage in the future.

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