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They're required by 2012 IRC to use a fire retardant treated plywood on the roof within 4' of the UL assembly (the firewall that's between each unit). They can use OSB in the middle as it's much more cost effective than plywood.


Using heat-loss-transmission from formulas and R-values of Materials for constant i came to this: The heat transmission through a building wall or similar construction can be expressed as: Ht = U A dt (1) where Ht = heat loss (Btu/hr, W) U = "U-value" (Btu/hr ft2 oF, W/m2K) A = wall area (ft2, m2) dt = temperature difference (oF, K) The ...


Where are you located and is this for a 4-season living space? You want to insulate your ceiling to keep the warmth in (if in a climate with a heating season) or keep the heat out (if in a climate with a longer cooling season). Assuming you are in a region where you need to heat your house. You will lose more heat through an uninsulated ceiling than you ...

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