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Have you considered cable clamps? Getting large enough ones to straddle the crossed wires will hold them together, be removable and you can set them so it controls the grid you create, whether it be set square or diagonal. The "legs" of the bottom part of the clamp can be cut off, or there are "U" bolts that have a flat plate to hold parts together.


After doing some research I found these that cost $12 each, pretty expensive, but am open to better suggestions:


For light duty, easily removable attachment, stainless steel safety wire is available, buy a spool of 0.41 and a pair of safety wire twisters. Put a couple wraps around the rods and twist the free ends up to tighten. Better than bailing wire, won't rust. Use a pair of dikes to snip it loose when you need to remove it. Safety wire is used on industrial/heavy ...

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