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I think you could probably use a lightweight epoxy based filler, such as Bondo, to repair the chips and holes. The trick would be to replicate the texture and color. As the epoxy sets, you could stipple the surface with a few small end wooden or plastic picks (toothpicks, chopsticks whittled down to smaller shapes, etc.). Be ready to dispose of them after ...


This is EIFS- Exterior Insulating Finish System. A little info on it here. You won't need a GC to do this, it is a small repair. There are EIFS installers you can call. They will tell you it will not repair easily. It will not touch up, they will need to recreate or overlay the whole "block" so to speak. It may be better to peel off the original and start ...


I have a similar problem, but worse. I think im going to put concrete backer board, like what they use to tile bathrooms, on the outside of the edge of the porch, then cover it up with the morter you see covering the edge of your concrete already. To attach it, ill drill holes and use anchor nails or screws and adhesive.

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