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+1 on the stainless fasteners. TheSean, you're actually working with that pressure-treated lumber in its IDEAL condition for working. After it dries, it'll become much much harder & more prone to splitting. Right now it's very resilient, and every fastener you drive into it "wet" will become tighter as the wood dries out. Too, dried PT lumber will give ...


Most likely you got wood that had sat out in the weather and been rained on. Since this is pressure-treated wood it will be fine. Agreed on using only hot-dipped galvanized or stainless steel fasteners and hardware; the less-toxic chemicals now used for pressure-treating wood are unfortunately more corrosive to metal. Something I've done under e.g. a gate ...


Technically, the 1x8 is 3/4" THICK, not "high". That's nitpicking, though. A 1x8 is always specified as a "1x8", never by actual stock thickness in softwoods (ie pine). A nominal 1" plank will always be 3/4" thick after planing, a nominal 2" plank will always be 1-1/2" thick after planing. Width is a little different, but follows generally the same rules - ...


I suppose if you stick to the idea of "light storage" it might be able to. Best to always get a bit of a calculation in. If I'm to be entirely honest, you'll end up using that storage space for lots more than light storage let me tell you that. Clutter tends to creep up on you. So to play safe you might want to get them reinforced anyway.

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