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There is trim out there already milled to 11/16", but you will need to rip one edge or another of to get square stock if that is what you are looking for. The first I found was WM 412, it will need both edges ripped and redressed. There is another that is a window sill that will only need one edge ripped off, WM 1021. These are just examples of profiles, ...


"1 inch" with an additional trip through the planer - ie, it's not stock. For that matter, what is "stock" for various sizes varies with vendor, over time, etc. - the place I used to get hardwood in central NY planed 4/4 to 13/16" unless you asked for a different thickness, so 3/4 would not be "stock" there. With rare exceptions any lumber thinner than 1 ...


What I would do is attach a length of pine stock the same width (2 3/4) and thickness (3/4) to the inside of the each corner of the bottom bed, lift the top bed into position, and then install 4 more pieces of pine stock opposite the other four so as to sandwich the legs of the top in between.

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