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Door locks are just a deterrent. If someone wants into your house they will find a way. A bump key is one way, but when they bump your lock, it ruins the cylinder. So they're not opening it the nice way with a spare. They're bumping the pins so they don't need the original keys. Good luck! Maybe try re-keying your locks.


Go to your local Home Depot store where they will have spare keys left over from re-keying. At least when my customers ask me about that same problem I give them the left over. They're all new and have only been used once to re-key. You can then re-key with a new key. Good luck!


I used an install jig with a hole saw to open up the hole for the bolt on my metal security door. It is a little tricky but putting the hole saw in the jig for the handle/ lockset and securing with duct tape to keep it from vibrating out worked pretty well at keeping the jig lined up while the hole saw bit into the steel. This is always done knowing you ...


Key-in-Knob sets are common because they're cheap and easy to throw into a door, and they save the contractors the hassle of installing a deadbolt. That does not mean they're mandatory. Even where self-locking doors are needed, there are multiple ways to achieve that, many of which are more secure than the typical KIK set. The downside of not having the ...


Some jurisdictions, such as New York City, require self-closing, self-locking doors to the entry of multiple family dwellings (,8 or more units), but do not seem to require them on smaller housing units (such as one or two family homes) or on the individual apartments within a larger unit. Even when locks are required, they do not need to be in the knob of ...

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