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A very simple, subtle and reversible solution is to put something in the frame-side slot. I had a similar problem and found it was trivial to cut the leftover cork from a wine bottle to fit in the slot where the bolt would otherwise automatically spring-load in. So, now, even if someone pushes in the door handle lock button, the bolt remains retracted and ...


It looks like an old style door catch. There are many different versions of these available. Too many to list. The most common are spring rollers and magnets. Home Improvement stores will have a bunch of different styles. Choose the one that works best for your application. Common Name: Door Catch, Catch, Cabnet Catch, etc.


There's a pivot joint in the middle of the knob shaft which lets the two ends rotate relative to each other. You need to get things lined up so each end of the shaft engages just its side of the lockset. That may take some experimentation to get the amount screwed into each of the knobs just right to balance this out, though the cross-pin should help you ...


Rekey You can probably rekey the locks yourself, depending on what brand and type of locks they are. The process isn't too difficult, you'll be a pro after one or two. You'll have to remove the handles and deadbolts from the doors, so you'll probably want to go one at a time. But if you like doing little projects like this, rekeying them yourself could ...


Take the whole thing to a locksmith and have him rekey it correctly.


We were all young once. You need a Torx screwdriver of the appropriate size https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torx Actually due to the pin in the middle it is more technically security Torx. Harbour Freight will get you out of trouble cheaply.


Lockpicking is tremendously sensitive to the accuracy of manufacture. A good-quality cylinder really is more secure than a cheap equivalent. (There are good-quality second-source cylinders, but don't expect to find them in a $3 lock set.) Degree and kind of protection from brute-force attacks varies; that's a lot of what the lock grading system is about. ...

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