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I don't know the details of that system, but that certainly is not "how they all work". The box outside should only be an intercom in the one you've shown us. If there was a keypad to unlock the door, that would only send key-press signals rather than connecting directly to the latch. The wire which operates the latch should NOT be exposed. Either you're ...


If I am inferring correctly what you are describing, it sounds like the "brains" of the system are installed outside with one screw access. That, of course, is an abysmal design. The only thing that should be outside accessible would be the wires to the call button and speaker - all other wiring should be inside-access only. If you are otherwise happy with ...


The system to which the question links lists this "Flush Mortice Lock Release 12v AC/DC - Fail Secure" under the heading *Related Items You May Need". If the lock is in a locked state, it remains locked upon interruption of power just as one would respect of a competently designed system component.

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