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Since you have the lock cylinder and the knob removed try to insert a screwdriver into the deadbolt mechanism and rotate it. This should retract the dead bolt. Failing that, remove the hinge pins, slide the door out of the frame and remove the deadbolt retaining screws on the edge of the door.


To rephrase: Is there a way to make two pipes join together in an removable way that would be no more than 10mm thick with nothing inside or outside the extended planes of the existing pipes in a way that is water tight? No. BTW- the image in the link provided is for a key lock for desk drawers and the like.


In your first picture the round disk looking objects on either side of the keyway are screw covers that are driven after the screws are tightened. A strong sharp object, something like a chisel that you don't mind getting dull would do the trick. The pin that is in the screw head isn't very long so the cover will fall off readily after the cover starts ...


you can remove the handle take the lock apart and remove the pins. You could also bring the handle into a hardware store that cuts keys and get a set of keys made or you can get the lock re keyed to work with your front door key or another.

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