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The part name isn't relevant at this point as Baldwin has re-engineered the part. If you have an older one call their tech support and explain the problem and they will send you a conversion kit that will fix the problem.


Sawzall the knob off. Use it as a theraputic session to vent your frustration.


I'd drill the existing screw head off, use a bit slightly larger than the shaft of the screw but smaller than the hole in the knob. The stripped out screw should keep the bit fairly centered even when used at a slight angle. Once each head is removed you can pull the knob and try a screw extractor on what's left, but there's a good chance you'll need to ...


What you should have done, and should start by doing, is check whether this lockset will let you remove the inner knob. Cheaper ones often won't, but more expensive ones will have the same kind of release as on the outer knob -- rotate the thumbturn to the unlocked position, depress the rectangular catch below the knob shaft's surface, and pull the knob off. ...


You can add some shims in the mortise and plug the existing screw holes so you can reposition them. If the plate does not fit then enlarging the hole for it with a chisel will work. There are 2 things that you will want to align: the holes in the door jamb where the lock engages (a.k.a. the strike plate). to help with that add some masking tape with ...


There should be a catch release hidden on the underside of the inner knob. Push in, hold, pull knob out with your 3rd hand. If you don't care about the knobs you can be lazy and just cut/bend/crush the escutcheon plate to get to the screws.

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