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The latch bold was sticking on my front door. It's a schlage dead latch. I called the company after fiddling with it. Something had clearly gone wrong with the latch itself. After a little time on hold I got through to customer service. She was able to determine what model I had because there is no model number anywhere on the thing. Long story short my ...


I'd use an angle grinder with a thin cutoff wheel and basically just cut either the locking nut or the whole cylinder in half. If you're reasonably careful, you should be able to do this and barely touch the fiberglass (if at all). You're much more likely to cause cracks or other damage if you are putting torque on something, and it's much easier to have ...


If you live near or have access to a good tool supplier, Sears,Auto Zone etc. The best tool for the job in my opinion is a nut cracker. It looks similar to a pipe/tubing cutter with a chisel tip instead of a cutting wheel. Because there in no rapid motion of the tool the risk of damaging the fiberglass is reduced. they generally come in two sizes and cost ...


Why not leave the lock in place, drill a hole for a new lock and move the locking mechanism a few inches to the right or left?


You have to put in the key and turn it while pressing the release button (or anyone could remove the knob and break in).


depending on how much you want to work with this and who you're trying to keep out, you could just put several washers behind each hole on the jamb side.


The best solution, of course, would be to fix the door frame, but this would take a lot of work. It appears that the door jamb is metal, and slightly wider than the part of the lock that accepts the slide? If so, find a piece of filler material (perhaps a layer or two of metal bar stock/billets), that will thicken the door jamb to meet the door. Use some ...

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