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Based solely on typical building practices and my assumptions about your home^, the green wall is likely not load-bearing and can be removed. The doorways can almost certainly be exchanged, providing that you implement the same structural header arrangement that the existing door has now. It's unlikely that there's a post in that location, though there may ...


hard to say without knowing more about the floor plan. Maybe they're in a longer section of floor. Maybe there are plumbing fixtures that required a shift in layout. Who knows? It doesn't much matter whether you use one header or three, but you'll want trimmer studs supporting it or them between each pair of doors. Otherwise you'd need to size the header ...


I see rafters in your pics, not trusses. Regardless, in general, you are right that bearing walls don't normally run parallel to the rafters. If it were load bearing, there should be a kneewall (2X4's) built from the rafters or a header down to the double plate you spoke off. Also, in the basement level, you would see a beam with posts to the footers ...


Best place to check would be the with where you purchased the shelves from. Failing that I'd say the length of the screws would be a decent indication of how much weight they can carry from my experience, along with the type of bracket etc.

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