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There are lots of ways to attach beams to posts, and you don't necessarily need purpose-built brackets. Miter your beams so that they come together at an appropriate bisection of the post top, and use whatever means is convenient to keep them positioned... dowels, angled screws, etc. In the case shown in the second image, I'd be inclined to use a skewed ...


Looks like data entry error to me. The values were reversed for several rows at some point. Considering that they spelled 'fir' as 'fire' in one case, one can assume that accuracy was not a high priority here. That's not a flush beam, either, nor is '2x8' a 'length'.


It's an intriguing concept. But it's harder than you think. It's not only an engineering problem, but a manufacturing one too. I think your best bet is to build a standard pre-engineered truss design that already has the strength to meet code. And then, use the sheeting for added strength. That would take the engineering out of it. There's still ...


Your best advice is to take your design requirements to a building engineer and have them draw up something that will meet those needs and specify the proper materials.

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