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I'm not sure "hollowing out" makes any sense. Start by just not completely screwing in the bulbs you don't want lit (or leaving them out entirely). As bulbs burn out, you can switch to using the dead bulbs as your placeholders.


Most likely - you treated a switch loop (back hot to switch, white switched hot from switch) as "hot and neutral" (since they are black and white wires) so every time you flip the switch to on, you are shorting hot to neutral. So, the cuircuit break, as it should, trips At this point you need to sort out what wires go where so you can sort out what they ...


The eyeball or gimbal fixture has spring loaded clips. SHUT OFF POWER, take utility knife and score any paint that may have sealed the ring to ceiling, pull the ring from straight down, compress and release spring tension, pull assembly out of can. By holding the socket in one hand and twist bulb with other......yes/no...safety glasses, gloves, and a bag to ...


There is probably a metal ring in the rim of the fixture that hold the light bulb in place. With a flat screwdriver you can remove that ring and then the bulb should drop out.


Do you have a picture of the cover? It seems very likely that all your problem simply relate to an overheating. Is there a chance for a better air flow (thermal ventilation)?


I have the same one...the definitive answer is as Grant says. One of the clips pulls out enough to remove glass! No screws or screwdrivers needed.

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