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This will work, or at least you can connect it. Right now we will trust that it is the right dimmer for the lamps. You have all you need, and if you have made it this far, you will be fine. Adding to the confusion in this project is that the dimmer can be used for either a single pole switch, or a 3 way switch. (Kinda clever for sales, but frustrating ...


Yes replace the ballast. You might as well buy some new tubes while you are there too. And a few grey wire nuts. Find the price for a completely new fixture, before you start looking at the ballasts. The results might surprise you. Read the ballast, it will tell you what it was designed to do. Something like 4 wire, 2 tube, 32 to 40 watt, double pins. ...


I searched far and wide to find a solution for this for my own remodel. The orange connectors used by most of the lighting manufacturers is a standard IDEAL product - you can order them online in large quantity or on auction sites in smaller ones. You can retrofit the HALO cans to be compatible, or even use the connectors (as I did) to connect to GU10 ...


I always leave a dead bulb in a socket, it is not like the electrons are going to fall and waste electricity without something in the socket, but it is so much safer. 002-00125-000 a product number from amazon , it changes the socket into a plug, in the middle of the page, there is a version for $2 I will feel better if you do.


For what it's worth I found this at texasbowhunter.com (beware, knowledge gained from random discussions is to be avoided): I used the exact same lights on my shop and if you leave that red wire out only half the lights will come on. -Jes You might want to wait for others opinions; but I'd feel pretty safe powering the black and if only half the lights ...


You need to drill out a hole in the centre of the ceiling rose - about 2cm or 3cm diameter should be enough - to bring the electric cables through from the roof cavity. Drill out the hole before you mount the ceiling rose to the ceiling. Then you need to fasten the chandelier through the same hole to a batten or other fixture point using wire or chain.


It looks as though it is meant only for house wiring. The opening in the back is not suited for a power cord, as in plug into the wall type cord. If it was, it would have a small round hole for a cable connector to mount into.


It's because you have the wrong wattage light bulbs in there. Take one out and it will come on and stay on.

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