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Trim kits for "can lights" (recessed lights) are sold separately. The box stores have them or you can find them online. Like this one here. For a shower/tub enclosure you need a trim kit rated for wet locations. It will have the gasket and springs like the old one. Take the old one to the store with you to make sure you get the right size. They come in 4, ...


You're really better off going with an LED bulb for a couple of reasons. First, they last 20 years and are immune to vibration. Second, they make less heat, if you're running your fan to cool off. They are now reasonably priced, and come in any color you want, so you don't need that "blue-ish" color if you don't want it, and they even come in old-timey ...


There are industrial duty lamps they are built to take some vibration. We use these in areas that have vibration. They do cost more but hold up better than off the shelf lamps.


Just looking the fixture itself, and giving the probability of other points of failure... I would guess maybe the ballast on the lamp has given out (probably the silver box in the image). A ballast steps up the voltage so the lamp operate correctly, and they fail on occasion. Finding the replacement ballast might be the hard part and sometimes expensive. ...


Looks like maybe this older bulb design was defective. Cree replaced them for free with the new models and none of them have the same flickering problem in this fixture as the old ones did, and none have burned out.

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