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Unless it leaks, or you have access below and want to gut the plumbing, don't touch it; just add a repair ring: (use solid 1/8" steel ones to save space, not the flimsy, flanged type which are overall larger in size; even with these you may have to shim the toilet. I find that grout fills the gap between the porcelain and tile nicely, whether or not the ...


If you're referring to a black, rubber flap stuck to the bottom of the seat where the bowl drains to the pluming, then that part needs to come off. There will be a new one on the new wax ring that you'll need to buy.


Option #2: Unscrew the other three feet a little bit.


Your cheapest and easiest option is a spacer under the foot. A small piece of plywood or a couple of wood shims will do the trick. Both will be available at a home improvement center or lumber supplier.

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