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Usually the filter is mounted between all the return ducting and the furnace itself - potentially it is installed at a strange angle or covered up with tape or something. Here is a picture of mine, it's the darker colored piece the duct is attached to, with foil tape sealing it to the furnace housing.


I have the same filter location as referenced by Steve Armstrong. There is no slot for the filter but it is just held in place over the return duct by a metal arm. Here is the opening between the return and the blower: And here is the filter in place over that opening with the metal arm holding it in place: I would not have known a filter was supposed ...


I don't know if this is common or not, but in our current house and our previous house, the filter is in the return vent inside the house. The vent grate has two little latches that allow it to swing out of the way, revealing the filter. To check if yours is like this, just look for the latches and/or look through the vent slots and see if you see a ...


Using a single HVAC unit with zone dampers is pretty well-established and can save the trouble of having multiple separate units. Some things to discuss with your salesman (and if s/he doesn't have detailed answers, ask for someone with detailed knowledge): If your cooling needs will often only require one zone or the other (i.e., daytime downstairs, ...


I have this same furnace, but the attic version. Ours started acting up sporadically - the thermostat would click, the furnace would power on (start the first blower), it would light the pilot light and then shut down. According to the diagnostic LEDs, it was failing in the flame sense step. What ended up fixing the problem was cleaning off some build up on ...


Finally got it fixed, the control board was malfunctioning. After getting that replaced the furnace fired up right away. The most likely culprit for the board going bad was dust and dirt when the basement was finished 3 years ago from all the sheet rock. Take care when putting up sheet rock, it is very hard on the furnace.


Sounds like you have most of the common bases covered. This happened to me and it was the blocked inlet valve, a leaf had gotten sucked in. It took me a while to find it, it was not in the visible area of the inlet, it was stuck on a screen to catch debris. I would double check that. Maybe try to blow some air in the inlet from the outside of the house ...


(fullsize) At my old house, there wasn't a slot to put the filter into. Taking the door off the side showed me the motor, like you've said, which was situated inside the cold air return chamber (much like your picture). The filter rested on two notches on the outer edge of the chamber, and basically blocked my view of the motor. See if there's a way to ...


Sounds like the unit doesn't hold the filter. It must be custom installed right between the return duct and the unit. You'd think the hvac guy would leave some kind of access panel. Mine is just like @gregmac's picture, except I can get at the filter on the opposite side via the blower access panel. Your going to circulate a lot of dust without a filter.

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