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I ended up just cutting the cage off using an ordinary pair of scissors. Haven't had any problems since.


If it's a good quality power supply, the pulsing means the power supply is possibly overloaded. It's the power supply's, method of telling you that, which is called "hiccuping." A load of 156W may be too close to 200W. You should allow for load + 20% when choosing a power supply.


Yes. If you connect one 54 watt strip, it will draw 54 watts through the power supply. If you connect seven strips, they'll draw 378 watts.


With low Volt electronic A/C transformer, higher voltages are to compensate for the voltage-frequency ratio output on the load side. Typical "puck" light electronic A/C transformer steps up the frequency from 50 or 60 Hertz to around 19,000 - 28,000 Hertz. Manufactures step up the voltage to 24 Volts on their more higher-end products. Instead of using a ...


LEDs don't really have a forward voltage requirement. They have a forward current limit, and that in turn affects the voltage. Current limiting is most commonly done with a resistor, the value is chosen with simple math using the forward voltage drop and desired/maximum current. You can use almost any voltage you want until you reach the sparky levels. ...

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