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First of all, when you read about a "50W LED", it is certainly saying that it outputs the equivalent light of a 50W incandescent light (although that is often a exaggeration). That "50W" LED actually draws less than 10 watts. This means that it draws much less current and emits much less heat, both of which are the factors that typically limit the allowable ...


For a multi-bulb fixture the LED units do not want to be in the area where high heat is generated as would be the case with incandescent or especially with halogen bulbs. CFLs have their own special considerations if they are used in situations with special types of lamp dimmers. Such special dimmers may not be compatible with LED lighting modules. ...


I have the same prob with the flash on start up. I replaced the first bulb with an incandescent and the flash went away. Not sure why.


I have a 3-way fixture that I use a regular dimmable LED bulb in. The 3-way fixture is plugged into a dimmer switch that is plugged into the outlet. It works just fine.


I'd just get a new ceiling fan that accepts standard base bulbs. You can pick one up for like $50 at your local orange or blue home improvement store. Then you can use standard-sized LED bulbs at whatever brightness you like. I did this a few months ago and now have a ceiling fan with three 800 lumen LEDs that's super bright. Heck, given the price of these ...


I posted a response in JoshDM's thread over on Sustainability.stackexchange.com. Replying here as well in case this might help someone. I'd been looking for a 60W equivalent candelabra base bulb for a while too. For the past few years the highest equivalent available to consumers was 40W. Now it looks like the 60's are finally making their way to market. ...

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