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You should run the machine through a test cycle, while you watch it. Continually monitor what the machine is doing, and if/where water is leaking. This will be far easier and more productive, than a bunch of folks on the internet speculating.


Your external list is pretty good, what's missing is an internal list: water shut off valves(stem leaks) Connections between stop valves and mixing valve Stem leaks on mixing valve Shower arm and tub outlet extension: leaks at elbow inside wall It is unusual for these sources to end up on the floor, outside the tub, unless your bath is over a slab. ...


Just resealing everything is a bad idea because you might, for example, just trap the leaking water somewhere you can't see it. The water will still leak and cause damage or mold. You really need to find out where the water is coming from. Turn on the shower and sit outside of it to find the leak.


Cant hurt the heater at all and no need to shut gas or electricity off to the HWS either as it's always full and only delivers you hot water by way of you opening hot tap and cold water entering bottom of tank forcing hot out. While you have hot water turned off why dont you replace the shower washer too? You can find out how simple to do on utube.


Remove cabinet door. Fix leak. Remove particle board and put a box fan blowing into the cabinet for at least 24 hours. Treat the floor under there with a mold killing cleaning spray. Put the fan back while you cut the new bottom. I would do it piecemeal before removing the face of the cabinet. Which you may have to because removing the face of a corner ...


If it is a shingle roof, a pressure washer is going to tear it up. Barrel tile is another victum of presure washers unless it is a whole new roof. Old tiles will disintergrate because the bonding agents used to make them grow less adhesive as time goes by. You should only use you garden hose and let the water run from at least three courses above the old ...


To test for leaks, you will need to simulate driving rain for an extended period of time. There are standards that are used to approve building products and methods for water penetration, but it would be hard for you to conduct such a scientific test. Search for "Test Method for Water Penetration." I've seen a documentary about the building of a skyscraper ...

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