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Make sure you have carpeting, or even area rugs. Get some furniture in the place. Then move up the walls with various artwork, preferably some kind of cloth or canvas. You'd be amazed at how much a hanging tapestry absorbs sound. The emptier the home, the more you'll hear echoes. Edit: I almost forgot, hang some curtains.


Step #1: Finding the center. Never built a round deck before, but to find out where you want to put the deck, and to mark the center point, I would drive a stake or nail, tie a string to it that is as long as the desired diameter (30' here), and then walk in a circle with it, keeping it taut, and putting some long nails into the ground, at the end of the ...


If there's a door, under the door, directly. Otherwise, either dead center or even with one edge or the other. If there's no door, I'd say bring the carpet up to the edge of the tile, rather than cutting the tile to meet in the middle. That said - it's a purely aesthetic choice.


For residential, the National Electric Code (NEC) has no official min. In Commercial and Industrial you can put 10 on a 15 amp breaker and 13 on a 20 amp breaker. Local codes sometimes specify a max, so you might want to check if you are going high. But yeah, thats really low! Unless there were some dedicated appliances running there, you can definitely ...


A few concerns: The range hood will need to be placed above the window, possibly blocking some of your view, unless you install a downdraft vent frequently seen in cooking islands. If you have a messy cook in the house, cleaning the grease off of the window panes and crevices will be all the more difficult on a window. And curtains or blinds are even ...


I used to have a pre-made triangle that was made from three lengths of string and three washers, we put a blue one at the 90. It was built using an isosceles triangle instead of a 3/4/5... for this reason I'll warn you that it's easier to build it using metric measurements. You'll also want to make sure the line you're using does NOT have a lot of stretch in ...


Two things: Most corners or window frames aren't square, so don't use them as the guide. You will have odd-cut tiles at the edges and around the window. What you really want to avoid is having the un-cut edge of a tile close to a corner or the window frame. If it's not square then you'll have the straight grout line right next to the not-square line of ...


I think you should be more concerned with the expansion gap than other types of expansion. In my opinion you should use some kind of separation between the living room and the bedrooms, because bigger rooms require bigger expansion gaps. And that difference in expansion could give some bowing.


Since each room in your house will have different temp and humidity levels, the T moulding allows each room to contract, expand, and flex independently of the others. This helps prevent warping and cracking.


I would love to look out over my stove into the yard, but I highly recommend you don't configure your kitchen this way. The thermal gradient may weaken the seal on double pane glass. The bottom will be hot and the top will be ambient. Intense heat may prematurely age the window sealing material. You can never put curtains or plastic blinds / curtains ...


With andersen the task of swapping sides is possible with a little work. What has to happen is all the holes for the handle, lock and latch has to be drilled into the opposite side. The most intricate will be the channel that houses the latch. I cut that by using a large drill bit and making several holes then taking a dremel tool to finish. Finally you will ...


If the door can be reversed (and that's a big if) then I can't imagine it can be done without removing the entire door frame. The fixed pane is, well, fixed and unless you see a way to detach it from the frame and attach it to the other side then you may be out of luck. So let's assume you can't remove the fixed frame. Well, you could try rotating the door. ...


@BMitch has the right idea with furnishings and fabrics - it's the simplest, fastest and cheapest. Also, you can add soundproofing in other ways. Have a look at this question on soundproofing a large wall this one on ceilings and this one which has some good discussion on acoustic damping materials.


if you don't have open fire stove and curtains on the window above it, there probabaly isn't any reason for concern.


Instead of combining desk and bed space, another way to go is to look for ways to combine your bookshelves into your desk. Especially try to find a corner, possibly somewhat round desk with large shelf space. If you have a dresser, it can be easily replaced by beds with large drawers as the base. Put shelves up directly on the walls at a decent height to ...


You could get some ideas from Resource Furniture designs. I have a feeling they're a little pricey (you've got to request quotes), so you may just be able to look at some concepts they have and make a DIY version. Specifically, if you're looking to have a desk and a bed in the same room, here's a good option:


Most installs I have done we have trimmed around the fireplace. There are several ways to do it. If your fireplace hearth sits on flat ground we try to meet even - which is almost impossible unless you did the floor and hearth all in one install. Most of the time we trim around the fireplace first and then cut to the trim. This is very very very time ...


What state are you in? You should check out the span tables for your local code. Generally, for that span outlined in the drawings above, you should be safe with triple 2 x 12s, providing you use grade no. 1 lumber. A less conservative header size might be possible, though. A laminated beam is also a valid option. These codes take climate and real life loads ...


My interior decorator recommended about 1 meter. Also, a good tip is to put newspaper on the floor where you're thinking to put your furniture to get a better visual effect. Get the newspaper on the floor in the right position and then measure.

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