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Look. As the Brit racer said, it hurts nothing. If you try to run a real heavy mix it will cause problems but a 2 cycle mix is just as he said, lubrication. Allot of drag racers go as far as to run mystery oil in their fuel as do I on my lawn equipment. 2 Stroke engines are actually way better lubricated than 4. Gas isn't that great of a lubricant but 4 ...


Obviously, the soil needs to be graded away from the house (in the back yard). If that means you need a retaining wall, then you need a retaining wall. Regarding the swale, improved drainage sounds helpful. The real question is, why isn't water shedding (what is the real issue)? I've had swale issues, and the problem in those cases, was not with my swale, ...


If the planter is going to be in direct contact with wood, absolutely. Concrete is porous and it will be permanently saturated with water.


You have no sledge hammer, no power tools, and it's too heavy to pick up? That leaves you with zero options that do not require or produce an explosion. Besides someone taking it of your hands, which is unlikely, seems to me, the simplest solution to dig a sufficient hole and just bury it.


If it is a nice looking rock or has a particular shape, place it on Craig's list as a free item. I listed four 5" Blue Spruce trees I needed to remove to make way for a garage. Gone over the weekend and I didn't have to lift a hand.


Obtain a chisel with a rubber protector around the top, (more contact points and less chance of hitting yourself.) Proceed to hit this chisel with a rubber mallet or other leverage-providing, hard-ended object. By nature of the chisel's inclined plane, forward motion will cause the rock to crack and split along the business end's edges. Depending on the kind ...


Without (electrical) power tools, or a sledgehammer: Here are 10 options besides a hammer or Fire-setting... mentioned in almost every post (but more specifically, for best results use at least 300 lbs of wood or 100 lbs of wood and 20 lbs of bbq briquettes; let it burn overnight and then (in the morning) dump 15-20 gallons of ice-cold water on it.) Option ...


If it's in a place that safe to do so, build a fire around it. Let it get very hot. Dump ice water on it. It will shatter. Source: My dad was a farmer and he told me this a long time ago.


There exist expanding compounds like this one: Ecobust, which are poured into predrilled holes and expand as they dry, splitting the stone (or concrete). It does require a power tool, unless there are already some cracks in your boulder, but a cordless hammer drill should be sufficient.


Use a crowbar and put another rock under it so that sections of it are unsupported. Now whack it with the sledgehammer a few times. If you get lucky, it will have a crack in it and you can break it into pieces. Otherwise you can knock off sections from the end. Worst case, use the plug and feathers approach described above. Another technique is to make ...


You can go at it with a sledgehammer (or a smaller hand sledge) and a star drill, and then drive wedges into the holes (or if you are patient, fill the holes with water and let them freeze in the winter.) There are special wedges designed for use in round holes for splitting rock (feathers and wedges seems to find them). ...

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