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You could leave a very small expansion gap.. 1/8, then fill that with a color matched flexible caulk, pergo makes color matches to each floor they sell, I'm sure other brands do aswell.. then you can avoid transitions, and still leave expansion gap, however your still going to void warranty, the gap won't be enough to honor the warranty, but it's enough to ...


Spray on a light coat of good quality polyurethane let that dry then hit it again with a couple of good coats. You can get it in High gloss, gloss, semi gloss, matte or flat finish. I did this 3 years ago and it still looks new. Good luck.


I would take yellow pine route a bullnose have home depot scan the flooring being used and stain it it works nice. If u don't have that capability have a guy do it for u it will take about hour to mill it then u stain and clear it.

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