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Laminate flooring can hold water for a long period of time. While a moisture barrier is intended to prevent moisture from moving from the subfloor to the laminate, it also will hold water on top of it. If you have a crawl space under that part of the flooring, it is definitely advisable to perform a visual inspection. From your photo, I can't tell if the ...


I doubt it qas from rhe cleaning unless standing water or harsh chemicals were involved. Find out what chemicals were used to clean the flooring. Some (all?) laminate flooring is very susceptible to chemicals and recommend either only water or special cleaner. IMO, This is most likely a moisture problem. Check any and all sources of water near the ...


It is typical that the flooring gap needs to be about 3/8 inch from the wall. Drywall on walls is very often 1/2 inch thick. You could this simply elect to just run the flooring right up to the edge of the drywall without sticking it underneath there.

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