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Utilize a high rated sound barrier to cancel noise.


Is this over a crawlspace? Fix your dampness and ventilation problems first before you invest a lot of time/money into the cosmetics. You will probably find more issues. Why do you want to do this twice (now, and again in a year)? My suggestion is to do it right, once. Concrete shrinks as it cures, so cracks are probably only a cosmetic issue.


The subfloor needs to be level or you will not be satisfied with the result. It is possible that gaps might telegraph through the flooring if it isn't thick enough. Can you remove the toe kicks from the cabinets or some of the baseboard (or shoe mould?) to enable you to remove the first layer. Try to cut as close to the cabinets as you can using a utility ...


Are the cabinets on top of the first layer? Why remove just the second layer and not the first as well? To remove both you could use a circular saw with the blade depth carefully set to the combined thickness of the two floors (or just a hair shallow, using a utility knife to finish the cuts).

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