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As an installer, I have done many jobs where my client just didn't want a T-mold in the door ways. When I first started installing laminate, all the sides were glued together. This is where we always used T-molds. Cutting Door Jambs 1These days they sell 10, 12 and 14mm thick laminate. These thicker products from what I have seen do not seem to grow or ...


I agree that running parallel to the longest wall is the best installation method. This will make the room look larger as well. Its funny that laminate gets bashed for being cheap flooring and the answer is engineered? I have used both and the laminate held up much better. You cant leave standing water on it but with two kids and a dog I had no issues when ...


It depends on what type of flooring it is. If you have a floating floor, then yes they can be reused. A floating floor is one that snaps together and is not nailed or glued down.


As long as the boards come apart without damaging them, and appear to be in good condition with no water damage, sure!


Yes, Sound, impression and dentability. The durability of everything under the surface will be better.

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