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I know that this does not exactly answer you question, but here is an alternate option to your probable problem: I would get a water fed window cleaning pole squeegee. pros: It seems to me that it is safer, since you stay on the ground. You wont need to go up and down the ladder. the chance that the window breaks and that you possibly hurt yourself AND ...


Get a combo sponge / squeegee on an extendable pole. They work very well. It is also possible to get these window washing soap bottles that have an integrated sprayer mechanism. You attach these to a garden hose for water. They easily can spray a nice and vigorous soapy stream or water at the windows over 20 feet (like 6 meters) high. Normally the ...


Even if the windows were super thick, it wouldn't be strong enough to handle the pressure exerted by a properly positioned ladder. A ladder is supposed to be sloped 25%, like this: With someone standing near the top of the ladder, that means roughly 20% of his weight is directed as lateral force, directly into the wall or window, conveyed by the points ...


Either use a A frame ladder or a squeegee on a pole. I personally wouldn't trust my health on the structural strength of glass.


Don't do it. Put the ladder above the window, then clean by putting your arms through the rungs. Shouldn't the windows have a way to tilt them inward and clean from inside the house? Most every modern window I've seen has a way to do that. You may want to get a ladder stabilizer:


I wouldn't do it, you're just asking for trouble especially with such a larger window that will likely flex with the pressure. In any event, how would you clean the entire window if a ladder is leaning against them?

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