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You don't have to do anything. Most laminate installs have a soft spot somewhere. I also don't think the soft spot will change. You either accept it or fix it. I am not saying you had a "great" install but it is what it is. If you are going to pull it up - you need to do a big enough area where it can be properly leveled. For issues like this we use a ...


code only requires the wiring to be capable of 3VA per square foot in residences Table 220.12. There are very few absolute "where to put & how much light" is required. With LED lighting if you could put 3va/sqft light in you would need a welding helmet it would be so bright. With placement The type of lights also make a difference, examples would be of a ...


In the end we got a local cooker repair person out to help solve this problem. He fitted a new heater element, and also trimmed about 3mm from the tips of the fan blades.


It sounds like the problem might be with the fan. You may need to access the fan from the back (outside) of the oven; or maybe to access the fan you would unscrew the screws circled in red. Edit- If the fan is not the problem (and the warranty is expired) then I would order a couple more of those retaining clips. If the clips don't come with screws, then ...

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